by Meetings & Conventions Asia | December 11, 2018
Tasting altitude-friendly wines onboard VistaJet's private planes is one of the exclusive experiences offered under the VistaJet Wine Program.
Dining in-flight can be a hit-or-miss experience, even when you're comfortably ensconced at the front of the plane. At high altitudes of over 40,000 feet with low air pressure and humidity, our sense of smell and taste are so affected that even a glass of bubbly champagne or red wine that is supposed to be rich in flavor can still taste flat. 

Even the level of background noise on a commercial flight can also adversely affect our perception of smell and taste.

Global private jet company VistaJet's founder and chairman Thomas Flohr, who is an avid wine collector, has put an end to the disappointment of an unsatisfying drinking experience that ensues after opening a good wine bottle on a plane.

From January 2019, passengers will flying onboard a wine cellar in the air under The VistaJet Wine Program. It features wines handpicked in collaboration with experts who performed taste tests both on the ground and in the air.

The only catch - you need to fly onboard one of Flohr's private jets, which aim to recreate the most conducive of environments for wine tasting.

Even the rich may balk at the expensive and complicated business of owning a plane. VistaJet's "plane-sharing" programme offers members the use of over 70 business jets complete with flying butlers, available within 24-hour's notice. It is very much the Uber of the skies, but takes the sharing economy concept to astoundingly luxurious heights.

The world's only global aviation company, VistaJet's fleet of silver and red Challenger and Global aircraft - which can accommodate between eight and 14 passengers - have flown almost 350,000 guests on 140,000 flights to 1,600 airports over the last 14 years.

VistaJet has cemented itself as the preferred mode of transport for corporations, governments and private clients. Its seamless booking, embarking and disembarking, as well as the 'pay as you fly' format, are hallmarks of the company's focus on efficiency and luxury. 

For C-Suite groups, VistaJet's flights can also be hired on an 'on-demand' basis, with in-flight experiences tailor-made for business or leisure needs

Book the Global 6000 long-range premium aircraft for the ultimate board meeting, equipped with WiFi-enabled business suite workstations, satellite phone and seating area for five-person conference meetings.

Or treat your VIP guests to cocktails, wine experiences, and even catering from a Michelin star restaurant. Enjoy blind tastings with VistaJet's Wine Program, Caviar and Champagne tasting or simply freshly mixed cocktails while gliding through the clouds.

The VistaJet Wine Program includes a Wine in the Sky Questionnaire compendium of suggestions for wine tasting, serving and transporting wine on travels around the world, with contributions by popular oenophiles such as Sofia Coppola, Andrea Bocelli, Jeannie Cho Lee and Daniel Boulud.

Members of the programme can also take advantage of the Wine Club, tasting 12 specially chosen wines a year - two new bottles every other month. VistaJet cabin hostesses, trained up to WSET Level 2, can also organise a blind tasting to assess the characteristics of grape varieties and record notes on tasting cards. 

For a seriously luxurious incentive, why not take your group onboard a VistaJet flight to personal tours of the finest vineyards and wine regions, as well as access to wine auctions and events with traders and collectors. You can even arrange for a three-day experience hosted by Marchesi Antinori, where you get to have dinner with the family at Palazzo Antinori and taste wines from their private collections.