by Meetings & Conventions Asia | May 14, 2019
The new site will act as a knowledge centre for travel and tourism information.

JTB Group recently launched their new website, which will serve as a knowledge centre for destination management companies. There are blog pages that offer travel and tourism information on selected destinations, as well as news pertaining to DMC's sales and branding activities across the world. The knowledge centre and a newsletter will be released later this year. 

"We aim to gradually add more information onto the website to keep in line with current trends", says Abrar Uppal, senior manager of global marketing at JTB Corp. "With our DMCs, we will create a rich website that can be used by all agents across the world."
Chris Bailey, SVP marketing and sales at Tour East, added, "We are looking forward to working with the Global DMC Network by JTB Group more closely by providing specialised information about our company's activities in the Asia Pacific. The opportunity here is to truly deliver a must-go-to site for destination information, product and programming inspiration for our industry partners across the globe."
Chris Resich, president and CEO of MC&A, agreed, "MC&A is proud to be partnered with the collection of successful organisations under the Global DMC Network by JTB brand. We look forward to continue delivering superior destination and event services to an expanded clientele throughout our network of Hawaii and US Mainland offices."