by Meetings & Conventions Asia | July 16, 2019
Suntec Singapore is rolling out a new virtual assistant to provide visitors with information to typed queries from August 6. (Suntec Singapore)

Conference venue Suntec Singapore will be rolling out a new virtual assistant early next month that will be able to answer to typed queries on the centre.

The platform, named Essential Virtual Assistant (EVA), will be able to provide a list of search results based on questions on the centre. It will be able to respond with information services and products, access forms and permits and information on processes and procedures.

Visitors and customers will be able to access EVA from August 6 through its main website.

"This is the EVA-lution of venue services," said Suntec Singapore CEO Arun Madhok. "Through EVA, our customers and visitors can find all the necessary information about our Centre."

The platform has undergone a year of training, but there are plans to develop it further into an interactive chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.