Savvy Planner

That All Might Enjoy

by Lisa A. Grimaldi | October 08, 2015
Need to know how accessible the attractions and sites in your host destination are? Check out, a site (and app) that lets users review and rate the accessibility of public places.

Career Maker

by Lisa A. Grimaldi | October 08, 2015
To make higher-ups truly understand the value of your position, use the “rule of three,” says Beth A. Cooper-Zobott, director, conference services at Equity Residential.

Turnkey Team Building

by Lisa A. Grimaldi | October 08, 2015
YoYo, created by TeamBonding, bills itself as a one-stop shop for prepackaged team-building events with all-inclusive pricing. Cost: about $100 per person.

Time-Management Trick

by Lisa A. Grimaldi | October 08, 2015
Looking to better manage your time or increase your focus? Try the Pomodoro Technique, a system that encourages users to concentrate on individual tasks in 25-minute intervals.

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